How do you describe your style?

Fine Art photojournalistic. My favorite thing to capture is that “perfect candid”. It takes skill and a keen eye to understand how brilliant a moment really is while you are inside of it, and then make sure you’re documenting it correctly.  – I aim to tell a full story, whether that’s of you, your family or the first day your fiancé transitions into your husband/wife.

Where are you located?

EverydayEros home cities include Philadelphia, PA + Baltimore, MD.  I will, however, travel anywhere close by, in between or far away.  Take me somewhere familiar/take me somewhere new.

How long do we have you for on our wedding date? Engagement/portrait session?

Nearly all day.  I will start a little after you begin getting ready and end an hour before the reception finishes (unless of course you are planning end of night bonfires, fireworks, etc. – there’s no way I’m missing that!).  An engagement, family or portrait session tends to last between 2 and 3 hours (Multiple locations and outfit changes? Let’s do it).

How much is required to reserve our wedding date?

Just about 1/3rd of the total.  Your final payment is due two weeks before your big day.

How much time until we get to see our photos?

I give myself a total of 12 weeks to completely edit your wedding photos (with sneak peek’s popping up on facebook that can be sent to you for thank you cards).  This gives me enough time to really go in and edit them appropriately.  My process is long and thorough. I take it seriously because I think editing can make or break the final photos you end up with. All other sessions are between 2 and 3 weeks.

Do we get a disc of our photos or are they on a website?

You get neither (*insert evil laugh*).  You actually get a cute little USB drive with 3 things on it: 1. A folder with your images ready for you to print, 2. A folder with your images ready for you to share (smaller size for easier uploads in emails and social media sites) and 3. A print release that will help you if you get into any trouble printing your photos. – I don’t do web only downloading because I want you to have some sort of physical place where your images are stored.  You never know what’s going to happen to your computer (I’ve lost personal data before and it’s devastating).  I will however make an online gallery if you’d like your friends and family to view your photos publically.

How many photos will I/we get?

This depends on the length of your session.  Weddings will end up with 600+ edited images (that’s underestimating for a full day but we’re being safe here) and all other sessions between 50 and 100.  It really depends on how the day unfolds. These are averages.

What kind of editing do you do to the photos?

I edit color, composition, handle blemish deletion and do some black and white options.  If the photo is perfect and really tells a story but that exit sign in the background seems to kill the moment?  I’ll probably take that out too.  :)

Can I see all of the photos you took?

No.  Sorry.  I want you to see how beautiful you/your day was.. you don’t need the ones that are unflattering or just plain bad. No one looks great in pictures 100% of the time. TRUST ME.  I’ve got your back on this.  Remember those Beyonce photos that leaked?  ;)

Is there an additional fee to print images?

Nope.  Those images on the USB drive are yours.

But will you print for me if I want you to?

Of course.  Additional fees will occur.

What kind of equipment do you use?

All amazing professional Nikon gear with back-ups to boot.

Do you have a 2nd shooter?

That depends on what your event is and how long it is.  A large amount of all day weddings will have a 2nd shooter, all other shoots are just me. My 2nd shooter is either one of my best friends (Ashley!) or husband and each have been explicitly trained by me.  If you trust me, you will trust them.

What other services do you offer?

EverydayEros Photobooths!

What is an EverydayEros Photobooth?

It’s my version of a photobooth.  It is a non-enclosed set up with a table, professional camera, and lighting.  We include props and an attendant; you get a little tipsy with your guests while having a total blast.  –  We like to keep this eco-friendly and on-site print free.  Why? Well, most large set ups that allow you to print on the spot are large and extremely expensive.  The photos are low in quality, small, and the bride and groom rarely get to see them.  With the Everyday Photobooth, the happy couple has high quality images to print and share. Traditional black and white versions come with! We can even set up a small website for your guests to view the photos a week or two after your event.  They can purchase small or large prints from there. – It’s a blast.  I even set up one for my own wedding and damn am I glad I did.

Oh my god I think you’re the coolest, can I book you right now?  (Ok, ok… I made this question up).

Send me a message.  Let’s check to see if the date you have in mind is free and we can get started. ;)