A September engagement session in one of my favorite places in all of New Jersey; that just so happens to also be the favorite place of this gorgeous couple.

Island Beach State Park is one of those magical spaces in New Jersey that keep you in love with a state most people easily dismiss.  If you know about it and have visited it, you get its’ magic.  I’ve spent full summer days there and warm nights by a bon fire.  I’ve made sand castles, buried siblings, went swimming, got a sun burn, went fishing, and walked endless miles with friends discussing love and life.  One thing I have never done here was photograph an engagement.  Being able to take pictures of one of my favorite life moments and in one of my favorite places was a great honor; especially for these two.


Kelly emailed me after getting my information from her mother during a company Christmas party.  Side note: it was a company party that Ashley (EverydayEros 2nd shooter extraordinaire) met her at. EXTRA side note: I did a photobooth at that Christmas party this year and got to MEET Kelly’s awesome mom and talk wedding.  It was awesome.  I digress…  The moment Kelly mentioned Island Beach State Park I was hooked.  I knew this would be amazing and I was so honored to get to be a part of their engagement photography experience.  This is one of my favorite shoots (c’mon, I got to photograph two BEAUTIFUL humans while walking barefoot on my favorite beach, BEST EVER) and I am so happy to finally be sharing it.

Kelly and Jay’s wedding takes place early this summer and if the rain stays away, I’ll be photographing their big day barefoot and on the beach as well.  I cannot wait!

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