Emily and Austin are both pilots. I’m not sure there was a better way to celebrate their engagement than exploring the groom’s south jersey cranberry farm, complete with planes at sunset.



We’ve been making our way around South Jersey and Philadelphia for years with our couples. It never ceases to amaze me how many unique places there are to explore. Although Ashley and I are both travel fanatics, our sense of adventure blossoms just as deeply while wandering through new fields and woods close to home. We were so happy to have learned that both Emily and Austin were pilots and had access to a plane hanger. What we didn’t know was that Austin’s family’s plane hanger accompanied a gorgeous cranberry farm. A dream and a half.

We spent a simple and relaxed Saturday with these two. Both born and raised in South Jersey, and soon to move to Texas for Austin’s job in the military, it was fitting to celebrate their engagement at home. We ventured through two properties in a variety of beautiful landscapes. We laughed harder than we have in quite some time. Getting these two to be serious proved to be difficult in the best way. They are two bright lights that perfectly accompany one another.

Congratulations on your new lives together, you two!

May the giggles never end.


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A quick drive and our view changed from woods and grass to pink fields of cranberries…

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And we couldn’t have ended our time together better than on top of a plane at sunset.

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